As far as I can remember I always had a lot of fun creating art. Making drawings of crazy characters has always been my way of generating smiles around me.  In 2003 I began to paint. My basic idea was to transport the characters that I drew on paper to canvas. Starting from scratch, I experimented with oil paints for two years, painting wildly away without any direction. Good times.  Then I met this wise man named Jan Buytaert, who became like a mentor to me in my early days as an artist. Jan taught me how to use acrylic paint. This was the most important change in my painting style.  Acrylics were the tools I needed to shape my own little world and bring my little weird characters to life. Time went by, colorful paintings came and went.

Life happened to me, too. In 2007 I left Belgium and lived in Mexico for 1 year and after that another 12 years in the U.S. Living abroad broadened my mind, for sure. It brings along changes, new impressions, renewed boosts of creativity, different ways of looking at things. All this time I spent my days painting away. My art was like my way of living, often changing skin.

In 2018 I was lucky to get in touch with the very talented Street Art crew The Insomniacs. They invited me to come over and make some big murals at the Harrisburg Art Museum (HAM) in Houston, Texas. This was my very first attempt to making Street Art, so I was more than happy to get all the advice I needed from the masters. After that experience I realized that fun also becomes megasize when working on a big mural.

In 2020 I returned to Belgium. Time had come to spread my message of joy to the good folks of my home country.


My main aim while painting is to have fun and enjoy the moment.  I want to capture this good vibe in my paintings and transfer it to the public.  It is all about  colors and positive energy.  With my paintings I like to invite viewers to look at the world through the eyes of a child and to revisit a childhood past of curiosity and enthusiastic discovery.

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